Gypsy - pretty-wild-jewellery


The Gypsy collection was inspired by when I was a little girl, a very old lady would knock on the door in the pouring rain soaked to the skin, my nan would dry her clothes next to the open fire and make her some food and a hot cuppa tea to warm her up. We never knew where she come from but she would appear out of blue in the 1970's. I was fascinated with her accent and her clothes and she would let me look at all her gemstone treasures.

My nan would fill her palm with silver and in return she would tell her fortune. The Gypsy would take out a magical gemstone wrapped in a silk scarf and place it in the palm of nans hand and say some magic words as a Gypsies magic is the most powerful one.

The Gypsy Collection consists of beautiful natural earth gemstones from single gold and silver rings, beautiful gold and silver stacking rings and necklaces, handmade bracelets and gemstone earrings. Birthstone jewellery will make the wearer have more luck or just let the gemstone choose you, you will know when you a drawn to it!