Luna - pretty-wild-jewellery


Star and Moon handmade sterling silver and solid gold gemstone jewellery, our collection which consists of the silver textured crescent moon and solid gold, rose gold and sterling silver stackable star rings, dainty charm necklaces featuring Labradorite or Moonstone, and a sterling silver crescent moon or silver star charm necklace. Unusual textured Star and Moon pendants. Handcrafted gold, silver star, and moon stud earrings for everyday wear, designer gold star and moon stacking rings sets, and wide rustic moon and star rings, you will be spoilt for choice.

The celestial collection is called “Luna” it is the Latin name for the moon. The moon is dominated by female energies, which the lunar moon and star jewellery are perfect for. The star spiritual meaning is all about connection, it represents the connection between spirit and the elements of this world. Stars are an ancient symbol and are commonly associated with magic.


2mm sterling silver round halo ring band, and 9ct solid gold star