June - pretty-wild-jewellery


June's birthstone jewellery is Moonstone and Alexandrite

Moonstone - Just as the moon renews itself every month, the moonstone was also supposed to be able to help its wearer regain or retain a more youthful appearance and bearing. The romance of the moon was also considered reflected in this stone. A person seeking their true love was instructed to hold a moonstone in their hands while the moon was full and envision their love coming to them. They were then to carry the stone with them until the next full moon for the spell to take effect. 

Alexandrite - Alexandrite gemstone is a symbol of royal power and an efficient guardian stone. Alexandrite is said to bring good luck in love and to impart grace and elegance to the wearer. With its ability to show two colours at once, Alexandrite allows you to see both sides of the picture and links the heart and rebuilds self-respect and self-worth it reinforces your sense of who you really are. (in candle light it changes from green to red)