Pretty Wild Jewellery’s handcrafted pieces are for the creative individual who likes to be unique. My name is Donna and I create pieces that are both elegant and edgy using precious metals of Silver and Gold featuring beautiful texture with added diamonds and gemstones which has become my creative luxury signature style.

My unique and distinctive jewellery is lovingly designed and made by hand in my studio on a working farm in rural Durham in the North East of England, perched on the cliff tops of the North Sea, surrounded by abundance of magical inspirations in a small coal mining village.

I have been making art all of my life as it is in my heart and in my blood. When I design and create jewellery it makes my soul happy. My work is an extension of who I am, influenced greatly by consciousness, the universe, nature, creativity, healing and uplifting others. Curiosity about the world and life beyond this realm, deep thinker with a creative mind.

My signature designs often are yin and yang - delicate and slightly dangerous, but yet highly wearable playing with contrast of forms, texture, colour and meaning, which result in exquisite unique Jewellery adornments.