December - pretty-wild-jewellery


December's birthstone jewellery is Blue Topaz and Tanzanite. December power stone is Labradorite and Black onyx

Blue Topaz - Topaz’s vibrant energy brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It has traditionally been known as a stone of love and good fortune, bringing successful attainment of goals. Wearing Topaz dispels negative energy.

Tanzanite - It is said just by touching Tanzanite it is able to calm ones Karma as it generates an energy of happiness and relief from worries. Tanzanite links to the angelic realm, spirit guides and ascended masters. Tanzanite was formed some 585 million years ago, and is a thousand times rarer than a diamond

Labradorite - Lore of the Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, an ordinary stone that transforms to the extraordinary power stone, shimmering in a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms. It is a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance.

Black Onyx - Onyx are considered very fortunate in attracting money. It is also great for keeping negative people away from you and out of your life. The goddess Venus was resting on the banks of the Indus River. As she slept, Cupid used the point of one of his enchanted arrows to give her a manicure. The parings of her nails then fell into the waters of the sacred river. Since the nails were of heavenly origin, they sank to the river bottom and were metamorphosed into onyx