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Alexandrite Gemstone Meaning

The meaning and history of Alexandrite
Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June 
Anniversary gemstone for 55th year of marriage

 Meaning of Alexandrite
 Alexandrite gemstone is a symbol of royal power and an efficient guardian stone. Alexandrite is said to bring good luck in love and to impart grace and elegance to the wearer. With its ability to show two colours at once, Alexandrite allows you to see both sides of the picture and links the heart and rebuilds self-respect and self-worth it reinforces your sense of who you really are.
Alexandrite gemstone strengthens willpower and enhances dreaming, this stone inspires the imagination, creativity and attunes to your inner voice and encourages joyfulness in everyday life.
It’s believed wearing Alexandrite improves chances of winning as the colour changes of the stone it emphasizes the changeability of fortune. Alexandrite makes its wearer more calm and peaceful and can be therefore a good talisman for people with choleric temperament.
Alexandrite is said to balance the nervous and glandular systems which soothes inflammation, tension in the neck muscles and aids the effects of leukemia.
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Alexandrite name was formed as the discovery was made on the day of the future Russian Prince Tsar Alexander II came of age and the stone was named after him, it was first discovered by French Mineral Scientologist Nils Gustaf Nordenskiöld as miners looking for emerald’s in Russia’s Tokovaya River in Ural Mountains in 1830 and discovered this gemstone was green by daylight and red by incandescent light.
Other varieties of alexandrite may be yellowish or pink in daylight and a columbine or raspberry red by incandescent light. The optimum or "ideal" colour change would be fine emerald green too fine purplish red, but this is exceedingly rare. Because of their rarity and the colour change capability, "ideal" alexandrite gemstones are some of the most expensive in the world
  • Alexandrite has a hardness of 8.5
  • Alexandrite is a rare mineral variety of Alexandrite Chrysoberyl. The chemical compositions of an alexandrite gemstone consisted of aluminum, beryllium, titanium, iron and chromium and is considered very rare.
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