• handmade gold, silver emerald, diamond and ruby stacking rings
  • Pebble silver and gold gemstone stacking ring
  • handmade dainty pebble birthstone rings
  • Handmade teeny birthstone silver and gold stacking rings
  • delicate silver and gold designer gemstone stacking rings
  • Ruby, Diamond and Emerald silver & gold pebble stacking rings
  • Pretty Wild Jewellery Packaging featuring pebble rings

A dainty birthstone pebble stacking ring set are a sentimental way to add family birthstones, these silver and gold pebble stacking rings comes with a choice of birthstones set in an 18ct gold settings. Handmade set of five individual designer dainty rings that you can choose three birthstones or your favorite genuine gemstones, set in 18ct gold with two free silver spacer rings. If you would like birthstones added to your pebble stacking ring just contact us. 

These stunning rings would make a unique birthday gift, a treat just for you. Ideas what other people have bought these for, children's birthstones, yours and your partners, month you were married, favorite gemstone, favorite colour gemstone, anniversary, a special date in your life, what ever the reason when you look at these handcrafted gemstone rings on your finger they will make you smile every time as the are memory catches!

January - Garnet (red)            
January - Rhodolite Garnet (Pink)
January - Tsavsorite - Garnet (Green)
February - Amethyst (Purple)
March - Aquamarine (Pale blue)
April - Diamond (+£25)
April - Topaz (White)
May - Emerald (+£25)
June - Moonstone
June - Alexandrite (+£10)
July - Ruby (+£25)
August - Peridot (Green)
September - Sapphire (+£25)
October - Opal
October - Tourmaline (Pink)
November - Citrine
December - Tanzanite (+£10)
December - Topaz (Blue)
Handmade in our work shop in the North East of England, these designer luxury rings are stunning, each one handcrafted just for you with your chosen gemstones.
Made From:
Sterling silver and 18ct gold, genuine gemstones
2 mm gemstone, Ring bands x 5. 1 mm (0.1 cm) thickness, width 2.5 mm (0.20 cm) 

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